It’s Official!

Someone enjoying a cup of Bone Brewhouse slow-cooked bone broth.

At Bone Brewhouse, we’ve made it our mission to master the timeless tradition of slow-simmered bone broth. Our nutrient-rich bone broths are simmered in kettles for up to 24 hours using cage-free, Canadian chicken and all-natural seasonings. Unlike ordinary broths and stocks, this extra-long process extracts valuable collagen and minerals from deep within the bones – providing tremendous health benefits. 

Not only are we passionate about the benefits of this nutritional powerhouse, we know it needs to taste great too. That’s why we’ve created a line of unique bone broths to suit your personal tastes and broaden your options for healthy, delicious nourishment. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy their goodness. 

Find us in the frozen foods section of your local health food store or a national retailer to stock up. Then heat, sip and enjoy on its own – or add to what you already have cooking. Available in 3 scrumptious flavours: Traditional, Pho and Lemon Ginger

PS. If you’re a retailer and want to stock our product, please contact your UNFI rep for more information. Happy sipping!