Beef Bone Broth! They’re here and you’re going to love them!


You asked. We listened. Introducing our new line of beef bone broths. Just in time to comfort and nourish you as the air cools and the temperatures drop. When you’re feeling a chill, warm yourself up from the inside by pouring yourself a steaming cup of delicious beef broth. Or use as a healthy base anywhere broth is called for – in your favourite soups, stews, sauces, and entrees. 

Our beef broths are made with the same care, focus on high quality ingredients, and attention to detail as the chicken broths you already know and love.  They’re available in two varieties – traditional and grass-fed.

Traditional Beef Bone Broth

It’s smooth, nutritious and perfectly spiced. Slow simmered in small batches with beef bones from cattle raised in Western Canada – and Grandma-approved ingredients like onions, salt, pepper and bay leaves. Sip for a soothing hot beverage, or add your favourite ingredients like barley and vegetables for hearty and nutritious soup or stew.

Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

Our premium beef bone broth, slow simmered in small batches with bones from 100% grass-fed, grass-finished. Canadian cattle raised on free range pastures. Enjoy the extra health boost from grass-fed bones including omega 3 fatty acids. Made with pure, simple ingredients, and free of antibiotics, added hormones, animal by-products and grain. Perfect for both sipping and cooking. 

Our Traditional Bone Broth is available at Costco!


Enjoy the same great taste and slow-simmered process, now available in a larger 800mL size. Look for it in select Costco stores in Western Canada as of September 25, 2017
(locations below). 

We will be sampling our bone broth at the following Costco locations on
October 6, October 29 and November 12. Sample it and stock up:  

Richmond, BC: 9151 Bridgeport Rd
Burnaby, BC: 4500 Still Creek Dr 

Calgary, AB: 2853 32 St NE
Calgary, AB: 99 Heritage Gate SE
Calgary, AB: 11588 Sarcee Trail NW

Winnipeg, MB: 2365 McGillivray Blvd

We hope to have this product available in Costco stores nation-wide if this trial run in Western Canada goes well. With your support, we can make it happen :) In the meantime, enjoy our bone broths in three delicious flavours, available in 600mL containers at natural food stores and favourites grocery stores across Canada. Find the location closest to you

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It’s Official!


At Bone Brewhouse, we’ve made it our mission to master the timeless tradition of slow-simmered bone broth. Our nutrient-rich bone broths are simmered in kettles for up to 24 hours using cage-free, Canadian chicken and all-natural seasonings. Unlike ordinary broths and stocks, this extra-long process extracts valuable collagen and minerals from deep within the bones – providing tremendous health benefits. 

Not only are we passionate about the benefits of this nutritional powerhouse, we know it needs to taste great too. That’s why we’ve created a line of unique bone broths to suit your personal tastes and broaden your options for healthy, delicious nourishment. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy their goodness. 

Find us in the frozen foods section of your local health food store or a national retailer to stock up. Then heat, sip and enjoy on its own – or add to what you already have cooking. Available in 3 scrumptious flavours: Traditional, Pho and Lemon Ginger

PS. If you’re a retailer and want to stock our product, please contact your UNFI rep for more information. Happy sipping!